Day 9

Today has been annoyingly frustrating.  I had an all day event to attend and unfortunately people were not allowed to eat.  So, It was difficult to consume the smoothies throughout the day.  I did get it drank, but it took some time. 

The smoothie today was apple berry (strawberry).  It was ok; not on the top five though.

Weigh in:  lost 1 lb.  So, I down a total of 7 lbs so far.  I must say that I do believe that I've lost inches, but my stomach seems to be the same size.  I did try on some clothes I wore a few weeks ago; they fitted comfortably compared to totally fitting, but not a big deal in noticing any different, like no bagginess, not looseness, no major difference.

So, I don't know if not snacking has hindered it, but it could be...

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  1. claudiafrencham

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    June 05, 2017