Day 7

Day 7 has been well... :-)  This smoothie has mango, pineapple, banana, berries...yes!  No kale...yuck!  Tomorrow, however, and day 10 are kale sanctified...yeppie...not!  Get ready for a bad report on tomorrow and a mixed report on day 10.  Mixed becaused it's the last day and because the smoothie is kale.

Weighed in:  lost 1.6 lbs

There are still moments of cravings.  Water makes me go to the restroom frequently.  Yet, days I don't drink as much, I don't go as much.  This use to NOT be the case.  Even if I drunk a lot of water, if I had fatty foods, it would be a WHILE before I had to use the restroom.

Difference:  My face, my legs.  My face looks slimmer; my legs feel lighter.  I can't really still with inches, for clothes I usually wear had always been baggy, and clothes I can't wear are 6 inches too small.  So...jury still out on that one.

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