Day 6

Day 6...nice.  Smoothie:  Pineapple Spinach.  Good...if you like spinach and pineapple.  Love pineapple!  It was easy to drink the smoothie throughout the whole day.  I did mix in water and had to go to the restroom 5 times, which is good.  Still the desire to eat is strong.  Not being able to eat foods that really fill me up is a struggle, but it's possible with willpower. 

My weight stayed the same from a stand still.  The goal is to lose the 10 lbs that is said to be possible.  I have been avoiding exercise to see just if drinking the smoothies and water alone could help me lose weight.  Yet, after May 10th, I will be on treadmills, ellipticals, doing squats, situps and the like while adding salads to my daily intake.

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