Day 5

Day 5...what can I say?  The smoothie was better:  Peachy Berry.  At this point, it's funny how none of the smoothies I make tastes like the name the book says.  Interesting...

When I'm drinking the smoothie, I'm good.  After going maybe 20 to 30 minutes without, I get REALLY hungry.  Unfortunately, I keep forgetting my snacks.  I had grapes last night and during today, but they were not holding me.  So, I did eat some Fritos today.  Couldn't even eat the whole bag...shocking!

I must say that the smoothies without kale are way better than the ones with kale.  Kale has a very bitter taste.  I guess it's a taste that you have to get use to.  ... not me.

I weighed in:  lost 2 more lbs

I bought the last 5 days foods today.  The total cost was less than $30 dollars.  Some items I didn't need to rebuy due to the bulk bought in the first 5 days.

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