Day 4

Day 4 was extremely difficult.  The smoothie for today was a Berry Peach Smoothie with kale.  I tasted the kale the entire time I drank.  It was horribly strong.  The spinach and spring mix green I had on the previous 3 days were fine.  But this drink...oh my!  Not on the favorite list at all.

I lost another pound; yet, I don't really feel different.  Unfortunately, my allergies are having a fit; so, I can't tell if it's a cold or not or allergies or not.  I wake up stuffy, throughout the day stuffy.

I was hungry more today than the first 3.  I did not have my 64 oz; that could be a factor, but it also could have been the smoothie...Yuck!!!

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    June 24, 2017