Day 1

Well,...I wasn't able to get the detox tea BEFORE starting; yet, I did start.  I spent about $70 for the first five days of food at Wal-mart.  I did buy some items in bulk; so, the price might be lower if you buy exactly what's needed.

Day 1 was...interesting.  For someone who has been on their series of fasts, Day 1 seemed different.  I charge it to wanting to eat, but not being able to eat what I wanted.  I usually would snack on Mountain Trail Mix, which contains cashews, almonds, raisins, peanuts, and M&Ms.  The problem was only a handful of nuts can be consume daily.  I usually munch more than that out of the trail mix bag.  So, I resorted to drinking LOTS of water.  I have a 32 oz cup that I filled to the rim and drank every time I got hungry.  Unfortunately, I forgot my snacks (celery, carrots and apples); so, water was the alternative.  (Would not recommend if not use to going without food for hours on end).

I made a 36 oz smoothie the night before.  It was simple to start the day with the detox tea.  When I got to work, I refridgerated the smoothie and left it there until I got hungry.  The smoothie I made was NOT thick, for I did not use ice.  So, it was easy/necessary to chew the ingredients. 

This day was the day I chose to go to the movies.  When I go 99% of the time, I get popcorn.  So,...I did.  It was the BEST popcorn ever!!!  I got a large size and ate the whole thing (not recommended). 

I was able to drink the entire smoothie by the end of the day.  I used the restroom 6 times.  I felt lighter, not sluggish.

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